Managing allegations against people in positions of trust

Where concerns are raised about someone who works with adults with care and support needs, the employer (or student body or voluntary organisation) must assess any potential risk to adults with care and support needs who use their services, and, if necessary, to take action to safeguard those adults. This framework must have clear recording and information-sharing guidance and timescales for action and be mindful of the need to preserve evidence. This will be whether the allegation or concern is current or historical. In order to develop a consistent approach and to promote best practice across Southampton, Portsmouth, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, the four Local Safeguarding Adults Boards have established a joint framework and process for how allegations against people in positions of trust should be notified and responded to. The Allegations Management Framework is an overarching framework setting standards around the management of allegations against people in a “position of trust” (see Glossary), supported by clear reporting requirements and arrangements across the whole system – this includes clear information-sharing arrangements and explicit timescales for action. This is an overarching Framework and so individual organisations will be expected to develop its own business process detailing how it will implement this framework internally. This document replaces the 4LSAB framework published in October 2018.

Notification Guidance & Form

This form has been designed to help all agencies working with adults with care and support needs record and refer information and concerns where the Person in a Position of Trust is known or alleged to have acted in a way that has posed a risk or caused harm to a person with Care and Support needs.

Please submit your completed form to [email protected]