4LSAB Multi Agency Fire Safety Framework

The Multi-Agency Fire Safety Framework has been developed to provide all frontline staff and other professionals who are responsible for delivering care and support services with support and guidance for the effective management of fire risks within the home or residential setting.

How can the Fire Safety Framework help you?

This tool will help to provide an awareness of:

  • The key risk factors for individuals who have an increased vulnerability towards fire.
  • An understanding of the impact this vulnerability to fire can have on the individual, neighbouring occupants or other residents.
  • The early interventions and control measures available to ensure such risks can be managed in the most effective way.

Vulnerability Risk Factors include:

  • The person (an individual’s physical abilities / cognitive impairments)
  • Their behaviours
  • Their living environment

Watch the Multi-Agency Fire Safety Training Event:

Framework Event Presentation 14th Oct 21

Q&A – Questions 4LSAB Fire Safety training 14th Oct 2021

Watch the Fire Safety Framework launch video: