Policies and Guidance

Southampton LSAB works closely with other Safeguarding Boards in Hampshire, Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight so that practitioners across the areas from all services can share policies, procedures, tools and guidance which set out how local agencies will work together. Collectively we are known as the ‘4LSAB’. The purpose of the 4LSAB policy and guidance is to support staff to respond appropriately to all concerns of abuse or neglect they may encounter, providing a consistent response across the county. The policy and guidance documents are updated regularly, please check using this link:

4LSAB Safeguarding Adults Policy and Guidance

On viewing the link you will find that the guidance is divided into four sections:

Section 1: Multi-Agency Safeguarding Policy

This section outlines the multi-agency policy for all partners to use in order to meet their responsibilities to keep adults with needs of care and support safe from abuse, neglect and exploitation. This section sets out the expectations and underlying principles regarding the implementation of this policy.

Section 2: Guidance on Statutory Safeguarding Enquiries

This section provides guidance on the new legal safeguarding duties arising from the Care Act 2014 and clarifies the roles and responsibilities of staff and managers in all agencies who have responsibilities to support adults with needs of care support who are at risk of abuse or neglect. This section also provides guidance on undertaking ‘section 42’ safeguarding enquiries as described in the Care Act 2014.

Section 3: Pan Hampshire and Isle of Wight Practice Tools

This section is composed of PAN Hampshire and Isle of Wight practice tools agreed by the 4LSAB. It provides information and strategies on good practice in adult safeguarding and the shared approach adopted by services to promote consistency across the area.

Section 4: National Policy Context

This section provides an overview and links to the current legal and national policy context for adult safeguarding.

4LSAB Multi Agency Risk Management Framework (MARM)

This document is designed to guide staff on how to manage cases relating to adults where there is a high level risk of the circumstances of which sit outside the statutory adult safeguarding framework but for which a multiagency approach is needed to manage these risks in the most effective way. You will find links below to the overarching 4LSAB Framework and additional tools which have been developed for Southampton LSAB:

4LSAB Safeguarding Adults Escalation Policy

This Escalation Protocol should only be used within safeguarding practice, not for other matters, such as assessment for more general care and support needs, eligibility for care and support and funding of care and support needs are outside the scope of this process. Individual practitioner performance is also outside the scope of this document. Also, the adult subject to the safeguarding concern and/or their representative should, wherever possible, be aware of the dispute and have an opportunity to express their views and wishes, in particular, that in raising a dispute, the worker has full consideration of the adult’s wellbeing.

4LSCB and 4LSAB Family Approach Toolkit

Southampton LSAB also works closely with the partnerships which work together to safeguard children in the city and across Hampshire. The pan Hampshire Local Safeguarding Children and Adults Boards have together  developed a ‘Family Approach’ Toolkit. This is in response to learning that local services need to see the whole family in terms of responses to ensure assessments and actions are effective in responding to improve safeguarding outcomes for children, families and adults with care and support needs.

To access the Family Approach toolkit please click here.

Skills for Care

Nationally Skills for Care provide practical tools and support to help adult social care organisations and individual employers in England recruitdevelop and lead their workforce. Find out more at www.skillsforcare.org.uk