4LSAB Policies and Procedures

The Safeguarding Adults Boards of Southampton, Hampshire, Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight, known as the 4LSAB’s, have jointly developed  local multi-agency policies and guidqance which set out how local agencies will work together. You can access these documents by clicking on the links below

 4LSAB Multi Agency Safeguarding Adults Policy and Guidance – Revised December 2016 – Please use the links below to view seperate sections of the policy:



Section 1 – Multi-Agency Safeguarding Adult Policy

Section 2 – Safeguarding Duties (Section 42 Enquiries)

Section 3 – Local Guidance and Resources

Section 4 – National Guidance and Policies


Quick Reference Guides:

Section 2 – Type of concern and Safeguarding Activity

Section 2 – Section 42 Safeguarding Enquiry Process Decision Making Tree

Section 2 – Safeguarding Process

Section 2 – Quick Guide for Providers of care and health Services

Section 2 – Quick Guide for Alerters and Referrers

Section 2 – Model For Proportinate Responses

Section 2 – Mental Capacity Act 2005

Section 3 – Point 115 Appendix A Suggested criteria for placing cautions or suspending placements

Section 3 – Point 116 Appendix A Summary of key actions at each stage of the multi agency risk management process

Section 3 – Point 116 Appendix B Legal and Policy Content

Section 3 – Point 116 Appendix C Example of a process for managing high risk cases

4LSAB Allegations Management Guidance 2016
4LSAB Multi Agency Risk Management Framework
Southampton multiagency risk assessment panels



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