LSAB Sub Groups

The sub groups of the LSAB are groups of professionals who meet to discuss certain areas of safeguarding, and complete projects and tasks on behalf of the Board. There are 3 sub groups currently under the Southampton LSAB. The chairs of these sub groups attend the main board meetings to feedback concerns raised by members, provide reports on progress of tasks or subjects which it is felt that the board should consider and also to receive direction on the sub committee work streams as directed by the business plan of the Board.

Learning & Development Strategic Sub Group

This group works to ensure that the training provided to the children and young people’s and adult safeguarding is in line with local and national priorities. This group reports to the LSAB whose role is to ensure that the training is of a sufficient quality and effectiveness.

Case Review Sub Group

This sub group will undertake reviews as per the criteria in the Care Act 2014 here. This group will decide whether a case meets the serious adult review threshold and if so, will manage the process from commissioning of individual management reviews to the publication of the overview report and executive summary. The group will also look to identify good practice and explore how this can be applied to partner agencies future work. It also aims to ensure that lessons learned from SARs and other reviews are shared and acted upon as follow up to the work of SAR/SCR panels.

Further information and documentation can be found on the Serious Adult Review Page

LSAB Case Review GroupTerms of Reference

Monitoring and Evaluation Sub Group

This sub group receives and analyses management information and data from constituent agencies of the LSAB to monitor and report on the effectiveness of safeguarding practice. This group will initiate multi-agency audits on safeguarding activities to ensure adherence to policy and procedure of the LSAB, and review the findings of audits to identify impact on practice. This sub group will also commission inspections and audits were necessary.

LSAB Monitoring and Evaluation Group Terms of Reference