Reports and plans

The board produces a number of documents each year which explain our key areas of work:

Southampton LSAB Annual Report 2017-18

 Southampton LSAB Strategic Plan 2016-2018

  • LSAB Quality Assessment Framework

The LSAB Quality Assurance Framework is complemented by the LSAB Case Review Framework (see below) which is designed to support local agencies to learn from cases with poor outcomes and apply learning to practice.

Southampton LSAB Quality Assurance Framework 2015

  • LSAB Case Review Framework

 The Southampton LSAB has developed this multi-agency Case Review Framework to support for use by all partner agencies and local organisations which work with adults at risk across the Southampton Local Safeguarding Board area. it is based on the framework developed in the Hampshire and other 4 LSAB areas to ensure consistency for services that work across the county.

Southampton LSAB Case Review Framework 2015

If you wish to make a case review referral to the LSAB please use the form below:

Southampton LSAB & LSCB case review referral and response form

  • LSAB Principles and Standards for Safeguarding Supervision

This paper outlines the core principles of effective supervision to which the local safeguarding adult board requires all partner agencies to closely consider. Supervision policies should fully reflect this guidance.

 LSAB Principles and Standards for Safeguarding Supervision