LSAB Role, Structure and Membership

Local Safeguarding Adults Boards have to be established by every local authority area, this is detailed in the Care Act 2014. The Care Act 2014 sets out the objectives of a LSAB as follows:

“The LSAB has a strategic role that is greater than the sum of the operational duties of the core partners. It oversees and leads adult safeguarding across the locality and will be interested in a range of matters that contribute to the prevention of abuse and neglect.”

These will include:

a) the safety of patients in its local health services
b) quality of local care and support services
c) effectiveness of prisons and approved premises in safeguarding offenders
d) awareness and responsiveness of further education services

It is important that LSAB partners feel able to challenge each other and other organisations where it believes that their actions or inactions are increasing the risk of abuse or neglect. This will include commissioners, as well as providers of services.

The LSAB can be an important source of advice and assistance, for example in helping others improve their safeguarding mechanisms. It is important that the SAB has effective links with other key partnerships in the locality”

Tasks of the Southampton LSAB

core duties